Personal digital disorder

Too many of us suffer from a condition that is going to leave our grandchildren bereft. I call it personal digital disorder. Think of those thousands of digital photographs that lie hidden on our computers. Few store them, so those who come after us will not be able to look at them. It’s tragic. As chief executive of the British Library, it’s my job to ensure that this does not extend to our national memory.

Lynne Brindley, baas van de British Library, in The Guardian. Jason Scott drukt hetzelfde sentiment iets plastischer uit op zijn (overigens slecht leesbare) blog:

So please, take my advice, as I go into other concentrated endeavors. Fuck the Cloud. Fuck it right in the ear. Trust it like you would trust a guy pulling up in a van offering a sweet deal on electronics. Maybe you’ll make out, maybe you won’t. But he ain’t necessarily going to be there tomorrow.