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C-Net: The rapid evolution of Windows Messenger underscores two basic challenges for Microsoft. One, Microsoft is under pressure to come out with an operating system with upgrades compelling enough to get people to upgrade their PCs. Second, and just as important, Microsoft’s dominance on the desktop is being challenged by AOL Time Warner and Yahoo. Their competing IM programs mean another brand sits on the desktop, a situation that sets off alarms in Redmond, Wash.

AP: Contradicting the prevailing sentiment in Europe against biotech crops, a report Tuesday from the European Union’s head office suggested they may even be safer than regular foods.

ComputerUser: A report just published says that broadband Internet adoption across Europe is starting to take off at last. … Currently, researchers found, the countries with the highest level of DSL household penetration include Sweden (4.6 percent), Denmark (3.9 percent), Belgium (3.9 percent) and Austria (3.3 percent).

Fox News: Bert Heyvaert, a piper from Belgium, said he would play at the American memorial in Ypres, site of a devastating battle in World War I. “My respects to the [New York] rescue workers and all those who have not given up hope in their wounded city,” he wrote in a message to the pipers’ association. “I’ll be proud to honor all of you.” 

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Wired: Studies by the Natural Resource Defense Council estimate that more than 150 B61-11s are currently in the U.S. arsenals, scattered among NATO aircraft carriers and planes on bases in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands and Greece.

Could Kleine Brogel be used as a base for a tactical nuclear attack on Bin Laden?

C-Net: Bowing to customer pressure, Microsoft has extended the deadline for business customers to sign up for a licensing program, just days after backing off a controversial provision that forced some to pay twice for software they purchased.

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Salon: Officials have said there is no evidence that Stevens was the victim of terrorism. Wiersma said tests of Stevens’ blood helped confirm that belief because the anthrax in the sample responded to penicillin. Anthrax developed by some countries as a biological weapon could be resistant to the antibiotic, he said.

C-Net: The former computer administrator at DeKalb Technical College in Georgia found out recently that he could face up to 30 years in jail and fines totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars because he installed some distributed computing software on the school’s computers.

FreeMcOwen: Charges now include 8 Felony counts for 120 years, 15 years each count. Also each count carries $50,000 fine in addition to the $415,000 in restitution and damages they seek.

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NY Times: David J. Farber, a computer scientist and former chief technologist at the Federal Communications Commission, said that the Internet’s success on Sept. 11 could largely be attributed to the fact that “nobody attacked it.”

ABC News: Cuban exiles, invoking Belgium’s far-reaching war crimes law, filed a lawsuit against President Fidel Castro on Thursday for crimes against humanity.

Public-I: Milan prosecutor Stefano Dambruoso is expected to complete his investigation in the case in the coming weeks and ask a judge to try those arrested, along with two others

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As virusses get more virulent we had to implement a network antiviruspackage. But what if the updates are behind? Antivirussoftware is not enough to counter worms such als Nimda.A. Microsoft is less and less able to keep up with attacks such as Code Red etc. People will start to ask questions soon about the security policy of MS. Publishing one security bulletin after the other and releasing patches every week just isn’t enough. Network managers can’t keep up. We need a different security philosophy or start using securer operating software from other companies.

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Xandra: “Indien de muziekindustrie studenten zou toestaan om op het internet de originele cd, die zij mogelijk wensen aan te kopen, te laten beluisteren en de muzieknummers die zij heel graag horen van de cd te laten downloaden, dan zou dit misschien al een eerste stap in de goede richting zijn. De muziekindustrie hoeft dit natuurlijk niet gratis te doen.”