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Wired: As the Department of Justice opens its antitrust investigation into major-label-backed digital music services, a variety of trade organizations are pressing Congress to back a law designed to loosen the record industry’s grip on music.

Wired: Many of the 28 blacklisted organizations operate websites where they issue press releases, threaten their enemies, raise funds and even recruit members. Several of the sites are hosted in the United States.

Register: An anonymous coder named ‘Beale Screamer’ claims to have broken the Version-2 Microsoft digital rights management (DRM) scheme, and has produced the source code and a DOS utility to un-protect .WMA audio files.

BBC: The Taleban are to propose a new ceasefire plan to end the US-led air strikes on Afghanistan.

NYT: In an advance that presages the tiniest of computer circuitry possible, researchers at Lucent Technologies have built a transistor in which the layer that switches currents on and off is only one molecule thick.

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