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Wired: “We’re not far from a world where all of human knowledge is accessible to you instantly from the ether,” said Pop Tech founder and president Anthony Citrano. “There is a world coming where you don’t have to ever be disconnected if you don’t want.”

BBC News: As a French resident in the UK, I was amazed this morning to hear a commentator blaming the Belgium Prime minister for calling the coalition attacking Afghanistan an Anglo-American coalition. My point is that in the background of this commentator was a huge computer generated image of both the British and American flag together.

BBC: Osama bin Laden has cost the world economy £165bn in lost output as a result of the global economic slowdown triggered by the suicide hijackings in the US last month, City analysts said yesterday.

NY Post: Credit cards belonging to the suicide hijackers continued to be used after the Sept. 11 attacks – indicating associates of the terrorists remained in the United States weeks after the kamikaze strikes, authorities said yesterday.

Wired: Three Bell Labs scientists have discovered a way to develop minuscule computer transistor chips that are roughly a million times smaller than a grain of sand.

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