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Wired: If the evidence mounts, the government could bring a civil suit against the recording industry, he said. The likely outcome would be either to shut down the two digital distribution services or require that similar licensing structures be offered to independently owned distribution businesses.

The Independent: Six people were being questioned by police about the biggest ever seizure of cocaine in Britain. More than £32 million of the drug was dumped out of the back of a Boeing 707 cargo plane as it landed at Southend airport in Essex.

IBM has been awarded US Patent #6,304,886 for software that automatically “generates [a] customized Web site without the Web site creator writing any HTML or other programming code”, based on “a plurality of pre-stored templates, comprising HTML formatting code, text, fields, and formulas” that are then customized through the process of asking the user a few questions.

Slashdot: In other words, they’ve patented the ubiquitous wizards found in FrontPage and other newbie-oriented HTML editors. This was submitted to the USPTO on June 19, 1998

Fool: Third-quarter earnings reports from newspaper companies illustrate a sharp drop in advertising, but those numbers may look worse than they really are.

Useful: IANA list of tcp ports.

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